Apr 19, 2013

Walnut Cherryville’s Current Laws

As a citizen of Walnut Cherryville Village, you are forbidden to do the following:

(1) Abandon Walnut Cherryville Village: any citizen that walks beyond the confines of the village will be charged with abandonment, a serious crime punishable by death.  Village limits are marked by gates and fences that are under constant surveillance.

 (2) Refuse to Work: any citizen who skips work or refuses to work their assigned job will be charged with absence from work, which is a crime punishable by appearing in Chair Trials after the citizen is judged.  The only time it is acceptable for a citizen to not work is during a medical emergency.

 (3) Vandalize Walnut Cherryville Property: everything within the confines of the gates and fences is Walnut Cherryville property.  Citizens who destroy Walnut Cherryville property will be judged based on the value of the property.  The punishment for vandalism could be a warning or appearance in Chair Trials

 (4) Disturb the Peace: Citizens who behave aggressively will be charged with disturbing the peace, which is a crime punishable by a warning or appearing on Chair Trials

 (5) Assault: a citizen who physically injures or rapes another citizen will be charged with assault, a serious crime punishable by appearing in Chair Trials after the citizen is judged.  In a situation where the victim uses physical violence against their attacker, the victim will receive the same punishment as the attacker.

 (6) Steal, Bribe or Trade: Citizens must earn everything they need by working and following the laws of Walnut Cherryville Village.  Those who obtain or sell physical objects or bias marks on work reports by stealing, bribing or trading, will be punished by appearing in Chair Trials after they are judged.

Do you think these laws are fair? Discuss in the comments below.

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