Jul 1, 2013

Tour of Walnut Cherryville Produce Factory

You’ve just been drugged with sedatives during lunch, tossed into the cargo container of a produce truck with your hands tied behind your back and driven to a remote desert village.  This is where you will start your new life.  A better life than you led before.  Take a tour of the produce factory guided by the soon to be governor, Kenneth Quinton, if you dare.

“Walnut Cherryville Village is the safest place on earth.  We do not have any crime because we eliminate all temptations.  All citizens of Walnut Cherryville are equal and live carefree lives unconcerned about their monetary statuses.  We take the stress out of your life by making decisions for you.  We work for the community, and it works for us.  I think you’ll really enjoy your new home.  Walnut Cherryville offers only the best quality of life.” ~ Kenneth Quinton

Map of Walnut Cherryville
Illustrated by Anne Janecek.

1.  The Graveyard

Entering this isolated village is not exactly a walk through the park, so proceed with caution.  There are dead bodies everywhere, not to mention delicious prickly pears.

2. The Village Jail
All new visitors must spend a night in jail before being introduced into the village.  This is just a safety precaution while you’re being checked-in.  Your personal belongings will be confiscated and clothing replaced by our lovely orange jumpsuit uniforms.  Each uniform has been embroidered with your name and the job you've been assigned.

3. The Glass House
“This is where you’ll be staying during your off time and at night.  There is no privacy in this building to protect the safety of yourself and others.  The logic is simple: people are less likely to commit crimes when other people are watching.  Everything is glass so there are no secrets kept from the community.  There are several guards on each of the forty floors of this building, not to mention security cameras.” ~ Kenneth Quinton

Take the glass elevator up to your room and meet your bunk buddy.  Every room is equipped with a pillow and a sleeping bag for your comfort.  Your scan key will allow you to enter and exit authorized rooms and buildings.  Use ComCon, our high-tech Communications Connect system, to send messages, set alarms, check the cafeteria’s menu, the weather, etc…Touch the glass; it has fingerprint recognition.  Now let’s move on to the restroom facilities.  

“You don’t need to scan your key to enter the restroom.  You do, however, need to insert a golden coin into the water dispenser to use the shower.  When you insert the coin, water will run for exactly ten minutes.  Golden coins are only given to those who do good work and follow the rules of the village.  The rules are simple: follow the instructions given by your superiors and never abandon your community.  If you follow those two simple rules, you will be rewarded with shower coins.  If you don’t follow the rules, you will be punished.  Ask any resident of Walnut Cherryville and they’ll tell you how severe punishment can get.  This village takes community service very seriously.” ~ Kenneth Quinton

The cafeteria and entertainment room can be found on the first floor, but you may only enter those rooms during designated times.   You are allowed to watch T.V. in the entertainment room, play a variety of card and board games, or pick out a good read from our great selection of books.  

“We do not have resident computers, internet, phones, or video games, because these technologies will corrupt your mind and complicate your life.” ~ Kenneth Quinton

4. The Forest
Walnut Cherryville’s forest is dense with mature trees of every variety, making it the largest local producer of mangos, berries, nuts and many other assorted fruits.  The gatherers climb trees, pick only the highest quality fruit and collect it in their baskets before bringing it to the packaging station.  Gatherers can be territorial and aggressive if newcomers try to pick from their tree, so it’s best to steer clear and find your own.  Due to high product demand, each gatherer is required to bring in thirty pounds of weight a day.  It’s easy to get lost in the forest, but if you follow the footsteps, it will lead you back to the village.  

5. The Fields
The fields are where farmers grow produce like strawberries, corn, lettuce and peppers.

6. The Greenhouse
The greenhouse is where we grow flowers and delicate herbs. 

7. The Packaging Station
This is where we receive, pack and ship all of our products.  Workers from the forest, fields and greenhouse bring the produce they collected to the packaging station, which begins the immigration process.  The progress tracker will record how much weight they brought in before the produce is inspected for quality, placed in plastic packaging and then into boxes that are loaded onto the trucks.

8. The Courthouse
Citizens who disobey the laws are taken to the courthouse by the guards to be judged.  The guards submit photos and notes of the crime scene as evidence before the judge decides if the citizen is guilty.  Make sure you familiarize yourself with Walnut Cherryville’s Current Laws to avoid being sentenced to Chair Trials.   

9. The Chair Trials Studio
Chair Trials is a thrilling reality television show, hosted by me, the beloved Kenneth Quinton.  Five criminals who broke the laws tell their stories about what they did and why pleading for you to save them from the electric chair.  The viewers in the glass building cast votes through ComCon deciding which contestant should no longer live among us.  Well, that concludes our tour!

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On another note, the second installment, Revenge of Rivals, is in the works.  Reunion at Walnut Cherryville is currently being professionally edited (because you’re worth it) and everyone who downloaded a copy will receive a free update from participating retailers.

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