About Me

Lauren Salem
Let's start with the basics! I graduated from Wilkes University with a degree in Communication Studies, which led me to becoming a Research Associate at Oxford Tech + UX a few years down the road. Reunion at Walnut Cherryville is my first published novel and the first book in The Eternal Feud Series. When I'm not writing, I'm trying out new cooking recipes and delicious teas.

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What's Cooking?

This I Find To Be True

Fish are friends and food.

Long walks are relaxing.

Swimming laps goes faster with your eyes closed. 

Might be the only person in the world who doesn't like cheese. 

Melodic death metal, pagan/folk metal, and power metal are motivating music genres for getting stuff done. 

Meet my ghost writer, Oswald George (aka OG), who mostly sleeps, crawls on my lap, and always wants attention.

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